Sri Lanka

The Incredibly varied Island of Sri Lanka -- its Animals, Culture, and People
The Elephants of Sri Lanka
 The elephant in Sri Lanka is tied to the people in their traditional religious activities.  This relationship goes back more than 5,000 years when the ancient Sinhalese kings captured wild elephants and tamed them to use around this small, but diverse, island.  Elephants are still part of the ceremonial, cultural, and religious events. 

The People of Sri Lanka 
This small island country is as diverse in its people as its natural world, religion shared between Buddhism, Hinduism, christianity, and Islam.  buddhism arrived from India in the 3rd century and makes up the largest amount of religious beliefs in the country -- believing  Buddha having three separate visits to the island. the dutch and British both held colonial rule in former times, ending with Sri Lanka's independence from the British in 1947.

Unique Stilt Fishing
This has to be the most unique form of fishing I have ever seen -- but quite effective. This is an old tradition practiced by only about 500 families in the Southern part of Sri Lanka.  Unfortunately the tsunami of 2004, that hit Sri Lanka, and surrounding countries, put a temporary stop to this tradition.  They are continuing this form of fishing balancing on a thin plank while using the other hand to fish.